Applied Philosophy for Health Professions Education - Megan Brown, Mario Veen & Gabrielle Finn

The book Applied Philosophy for Health Professions Education by Megan Brown, Mario Veen and Gabrielle Finn considers the practical application of philosophical concepts to teaching, learning, and research, covers philosophical concepts such as Stoicism and Practical Wisdom, and includes practice points for educators within each chapter of the book.

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In this episode (and if you're a regular listener of this podcast you may skip to another episode unless you are interested in this topic) some of the authors present their chapter. We invite you to our book launch conference on September 13th, 7pm-9pm BST. It's free and you can sign up here: 

The book launch will be dedicated to discussion between attending authors and those who sign up. We've had fantastic interest from our contributing authors regarding attending the launch, so it looks set to be a rich and practical discussion regarding how we can "philosophize" health professions education. 

The book is available here: 

If you are interested in philosophy and education after listening to this episode, I invite you to listen to Episode 22 of this podcast: World-Centered Education with Gert Biesta 

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us on twitter. After all, the only stupid question is the one you did not ask:

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