Episode 10 - Social Media & Infinite Distraction with Dominic Pettman

"It's almost as if Plato saw Media Studies coming and invented this allegory for us to sort of set the stage from the beginning of western modernity. It's kind of uncanny how appropriate it remains. It's like it becomes more and more relevant as time passes."

Today I speak with Dominic Pettman about social media, distraction and libido.

About Dominic Pettman: 

Dominic is University Professor of Media and New Humanities at The New School in New York, where he teaches courses on posthumanism, animal studies, critical theories of technology, environmental humanities, attention ecologies, popular media forms, and philosophies of desire. He is the author of numerous books, including a loose trilogy exploring the relationship between Eros and ecology - Sonic IntimacyCreaturely Love, and Peak Libido. In this episode, we focus primarily on the last part of this trilogy and Infinite Distraction: Paying Attention to Social MediaDominic himself is also on social media: https://twitter.com/DominicPettman 

What's YOUR interpretation of Plato's allegory? I would love to hear! Leave me a voicemail. It's really easy. You click the record button, speak, and hit send. I might play your message in a future episode and respond.

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I hope you enjoy the episode!
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