Episode 15 - Bernard Stiegler’s Philosophy with Daniel Ross

The returning soul in Plato's allegory of the Cave is not heard by the prisoners, who are too occupied with the shadows on the wall. In the most literal sense, Plato was probably speaking about how the people do not appreciate the philosophy of, for instance, his teacher Socrates, at the time when this philosopher is most needed.

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Which philosophers are not heard enough in our time? Today, we discuss the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler. Stiegler is known most for his magnus opus Technics and Time, but many of his works have not yet been translated into English, and the ones that have are not read enough. Daniel Ross, our guide through Stiegler's philosophy, is trying to change that.

Daniel Ross obtained his doctorate from Monash University in 2002. He is the author of Violent Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2004) and Psychopolitical Anaphylaxis: Steps Towards a Metacosmics (Open Humanities Press, 2021 -free to download). He is also the co-director with David Barison of the feature documentary The Ister (rent or buy on Vimeo), which premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2004, and which won awards in Montreal and Marseille. Through that film, he met the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler, and has subsequently published eleven volumes of translation of Stiegler’s work, most recently The Age of Disruption: Technology and Madness in Computational Capitalism (Polity Press, 2019) and Nanjing Lectures 2016–2019 (Open Humanities Press, 2020 - free to download), along with the collective volume by Stiegler and the Internation Collective entitled Bifurcate: ‘There Is No Alternative’ (Open Humanities Press, 2022 - free to download).

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