Episode 12A - Travelling through Plato’s Cave

Welcome (or welcome Back) to Life From Plato's Cave. This is a course in interdisciplinary philosophy in which we look at life - the part of life that interests you - from a new perspective in every episode. In each of the other episodes, I will interview a guest about their intepretation of Plato's Allegory of the Cave: philosophers, artists, literary scholars, phycisists, actors, psychologists, geologists and many more.

In this first part of this episode, I'm speaking about how you could work with this podcast. I give a summary of Plato's allegory at the end. In the next part, I will give an overview of the eleven episodes so far and speak about what's coming in 2022.

One of those things is that I opened a Patreon account! Support Life From Plato's Cave at https://patreon.com/lifefromplatoscave

I hope you enjoy the episode!
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